Sunday, May 4, 2008

Broken Water

When I awoke to a popping sound, and a soaked night gown I was sure I'd have a baby in my arms within a couple hours.

Isn't that what happens in the movies?

Instead of the glorious homebirth I invisioned I am now preparing myself for a hospital induction. I declined getting induced today, in hopes that I will fall into the 96% of women who go into labour naturally after their water breaking within 48 hours.

The longest I will go is Tuesday. Then induction.


Amanda K. said...

Yay!! Let's hope the boy decides to show himself sooner rather than later. How exciting!

I had my water break in a glorious burst on our downstairs loveseat in the middle of the afternoon. Two days later we had a baby Declan and he didn't come out easily. It wasn't at all what I envisioned, that's for sure!

Joylinn R said...

oh crap. here i thought we would have a baby by now.

come on turkey! your momma wants to meet you!
(so do we ;)