Saturday, May 3, 2008

oh wow we suck

you know the nice weather is here when the Ottawans actually leave their computer desk to actually *gasp* spend lengthly amounts of time in the beautiful outdoors.

not too much happening here. i did, however cut Emmas hair off early this year. i do it every year for her cause she is a sweating machine with a ton of really thick hair.

so i sat the punk in the kitchen, hauled out the scissors and chopped it off. she is thrilled with her new do.

i did hear this morning that Brandy is having her baby like RIGHT NOW! im so excited. i cant wait to see pictures.

i have also met someone that i am completely twiterpated with. but more on him later. *giggles*

so there is a quick update on this end. we must get to posting again.


Shauna said...

I know I suck. I keep thinking about this place and feeling guilty. I promise to get back in the groove soon!!! Thanks for giving me a little nudge.


Amanda K. said...

I also feel horribly guilty! Thanks for reminding me I need to do some posting. *blush*